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For some of us, reading is one of life's most pleasureable past times. Sharing that love with others is often just as enjoyable and can be very rewarding. Or maybe you just can't find the time to sit down and read those books you've been hearing about on the talk shows and on the radio.

There's a simple solution. Start your own reading group. Here are five simple steps to help you begin:

1) Talk to your friends and see how many of them like to read the same kinds of books as you. It's easiest to stick to a certain type of book, or 'genre', like mysteries, westerns, or romances. Your friends can then ask one or two of their friends and in no time you'll have enough people interested.

2) Decide where and when to meet and for how long. With small informal groups, meeting at someone's home is ideal. If that doesn't work, your local library, school, or community hall might have a common area or a room you can book on a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

3) Stick to an agenda, even a simple one. Remember, your Reading Group has come together to discuss Chapter 17 of Grisham's newest best seller, not the latest plot twists on your favorite soaps!

4) If you'd rather not organise your own Reading Group, go to your local book store or the library. They'll be glad to give you suggestions or help. There might already be a group or two on the go and that are taking new members. If not, then check online. With the current boom on the Internet, there are literally thousands of web sites and chat rooms aimed at favorite books, reading, and Reading Groups. And many of these have hundreds, sometimes thousands of members.

5) Have Fun and Be Creative! Take your Reading Group to a nice restaurant and have your discussions over a delicious dinner. There may be more than one Reading Group in your area. Get together with them. Start a book exchange if your reading tastes are similar. Plan get-togethers like barbecues or skating parties. Or set them around a 'theme' or 'party' as portrayed in one of the books you've read. Instill the importance and the joy of reading on your children. Your kids might even get the right idea and start their own Reading Group with their friends!

If you truly love books, and want to share your passion with others, begin your journey of discovery and delight today.