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Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte was one of the three infamous Bronte sisters. Her work has grown in popularity with every day.

1818 July 30, Emily Bronte is born.
1821 September, the girls' mother dies.
1824 Emily enrols in the local school.
1825 May 6th, Maria Bronte dies. June, Elizabeth Bronte dies.
1831 Anne and Emily begin the Godal saga.
1836 Emily writes the earliest dated poem.
1837 Emily goes to Law Hill School to teach Law.
1838-42 Many Bronte poems are written.
1842 After Aunt Branwell dies, Emily returns home.
1845 The sisters are introduced the novel writing. In December Wuthering Heights begins.
1846 Wuthering Heights is finished in July and begins to be sent to many publishers, all refusing publication.
1847 A publisher accepts Wuthering Heights but delays publication until the success of Jane Eyre. December, both Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey are published.
1848 Emily is seen to withdraw more resolutely into herself. On December 19th after a severe inflammation of the lungs Emily Bronte dies.
1850 Wuthering Heights is reissued with a selection of poems and a biographical note from Charlotte.
1893 The Bronte Society is established.
1941 Hatfield's edition of The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bronte is published.