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Children all over the world , who have read the wonderful books, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ have loved them and would love to read them again and again. These books have always been fascinating for them. Lewiss Carroll was the author of these books.

But, Lewiss Carroll was not the author’s real name. And writing books for children was not his regular job. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was a Mathematics professor at a university in England.

He had some unusual friends when he was a young boy. He used to make friends with snails, toads and worms. He played with them for long hours. And he made up games and stories for his brothers and sisters. They enjoyed his games and stories very much.

He did not marry and so, he had no children of his own , but the children of his friends were his friends too. He wrote to them when they were away. In this manner, he wrote many letters and made up stories for them. Thus he began as a storyteller for children.

He used to take three little girls out in a row boat on a river. These girls would ask him to tell stories while they move around in the boat. He would tell them several stories. One of these girls was named Alice. That is how the wonderful story of ‘ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND’ began. These stories were made into book form later.

Not only children, but grown-ups also have been reading these books by Lewiss Carroll for more than a century now. So, what about you? If you do not know about Alice or White Rabbit or Humpty Dumpty or the Cheshire Cat or the Mad Hatter or the Duchess or all other exciting characters, now is good time to begin reading them.