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Charlotte Bronte

The Brunette sisters were three British novelists, daughters of the rector of Haworth, an isolated village in Yorkshire made infamous by their great literature works, which are still as popular today as they were when they were first published.

1816 Charlotte Bronte is born on April 21st in Thornton, Yorkshire.
1820 Charlotte’s father is appointed the perpetual curate at Haworth.
1821 September 15th, Charlotte’s mother dies.
1824 Charlotte’s sisters Elizabeth and May Maria die.
1829 Charlotte begins to write the first draft of Glasstown and Angria.
1830 Charlotte enrols at Miss Wooler’s School.
1832 Charlotte returns home.
1835 Charlotte is given a teaching job in her old school.
1838 She resigns and returns home.
1842 While Charlotte and Emily are away at school in Brussels, Aunt Elizabeth Branwell dies and the girls return home.
1843 Charlotte returns to Brussels to teach and study.
1846 The Professor written by Charlotte is repeatedly offered to publishers but is refused.
1847 Jane Eyre is published and acclaimed; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is published.
1848 The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte is published. Branwell, the only son of the family dies; December 19th Emily dies.
1849 May 28th Anne Bronte dies. Shirley is published.
1853 Vilette is published.
1854 June 29th, Charlotte marries A. B. Nicholls.
1855 March 31st, Charlotte Bronte dies.
1857 The Professor is published.
1925 The Twelve Adventures and Other Stories a collection of Charlotte’s juvenalia is published.
1931-38 The nineteen volumes of The Shakespeare Head Bronte - the most complete edition of the works of the sisters is published.
1933 Legends of Angria, a collection of Charlotte Bronte’s juvenalia is published.
1971 Five Novelettes, a collection of Charlotte Bronte’s juvenalia is published.