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You have just been offered a new fantastic job that you have wanted for a long time. But now you will have to put in more and longer hours. With taking this new position you will have to figure out how to keep balance in your home life and with your children. As a working mother it is very important to still be there at all times for your kids. You now have to set your life up to continue to be that dedicated mother and a loyal employee. How do you do this without anyone being neglected?

The first step if at all possible is to put your kids in a school close to your job. Try to arrange your work hours to start close to your kids school time. This way you can start every morning together and drop them off at school yourself on the way to work. Also, if your job is close to their school, you can take early or late lunches to attend their school plays or programs. With being close to your children's school you can make all of their school conferences and you also will have the convenience of getting to them quickly if they are sick. Most kids will have to attend after school care, especially younger children.

Try to have this close to your job also. This will eliminate extra driving time when you have to pick them up after work. This will also allow you to get home quicker to start your evening together. Develop an evening schedule for everyone including yourself if you need to do some work at home. While dinner is cooking the kids can start their homework and you can start on any work that you bought home to do. Sitting down with them at a table or desk doing your work while they do their homework will allow you to spend quality time together and everyone is accomplishing their needs at the same time. That way you can stop working and have dinner with your children, without feeling guilty about your own work. After dinner and homework time, spend some quiet time with your kids before they go to bed, then you can work the rest of the night if you need to.

If you have to travel for your job, try to know your travel schedule in plenty of time to work your home schedule. Try to work it where you can take a day or at least a half day off before you have to leave town, especially if you're going to be gone for awhile. This way you can take your kids to school and maybe even have lunch with them. You can pick them up after school so they won't have to go to after school care that day. All of this time together is valuable when you are leaving town on business. Set a scheduled time that you will call them while you are out of town. Call every morning and evening at the same time. This will still allow you to start and end each day together with them from these phone calls. If you know your business trip is going to be long, tell them before you leave when you return the two of you will spend a day together, even if that special day will have to be on the weekend. Let your kids pick whatever activity they want to do for that day. This will give them something to look forward to until you return home.

Being a working mother, whether you are single or married, is a hard job. Maintaining that balance at work and at home is a must. You don't want to neglect either. By working a schedule and spending equal time in both areas you can have that great career and still be that wholehearted mother, which is a big job by itself.