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When it comes to planning a wedding there is always much more to plan then you think. After the invitation acceptances/declines have started to come through your door it¡¦s time to start thinking about the seating plan. It¡¦s not easy sitting everyone with the people they would like to sit with but just remember there¡¦s bound to be a few people that aren¡¦t happy ¡V you can¡¦t please everyone.

If your parents are divorced or family feuds are present, it might be easier on yourself and the other guests if you do try not to sit conflicting people together. On the other hand don¡¦t break your back trying to please other people. Even if guests do find themselves sitting next to someone who perhaps you wouldn¡¦t have chosen to sit with it is only for a few hours. Try to remind those that complain in a firm but polite manner that this is your day and the seating arrangement will only last a few hours, and then after that they may mingle with whomever they want.

If you do know of a group of people who always sit together, try separating them a little. This will encourage the others to meet new people and not to just stick to the people they always sit with.

It might be an idea not to separate tables, instead have a banquet style arrangement of tables, perhaps in an ¡¥E¡¦ shape. This will ensure that people won¡¦t be separated and everyone will be more involved with the general conversation.

To help you in your decision of who to sit where try to follow these do¡¦s and don¡¦ts:

„h Don¡¦t separate couples
„h Don¡¦t sit divorced parents together unless they are friendly.
„h Don¡¦t sit all guests from the same groups on the same table (e.g. all work colleagues not family members)
„h Don¡¦t sit all old people together or younger people together.
„h Don¡¦t sit groups of children together, it will only cause them to misbehave.

„h Do sit quieter guests with more extrovert guests
„h Do sit smokers together. If it bothers you and your guests, perhaps make it clear that you request smokers not to smoke.
„h Do make it known that people may not be sitting with the people they always do. Having prior warning, guests will understand.

Just remember that it is you¡¦re day. As you¡¦ve got enough to arrange already, you can ask an attendant to arrange the plan to take the burden off yourself. This will also give you someone to blame should there be any upsets!