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Your wedding day is both a daunting and exciting event. Months of preparation, organising and arranging have taken place and it all will start and end in twenty four hours.
Every single person has been a guest at at least one wedding. The majority of people will go to between four and ten in their lifetime.
So how can you make your wedding stand out from the rest?

Be original

Think of yourself and your groom. What do you like doing in your spare time? Do you have a common interest? One way of making your wedding more original and a reflection upon you two as a couple is to include symbols throughout the day which can be tied with the both of you. For example: If you both enjoy rock ‘n’ roll music, why not ask the guests to dress from that era, or even yourselves. Something a little more subtle would be to have a rock ‘n’ roll band play at the reception or have a cake designed in the shape of a guitar. This could be the whole theme of the day.

Be comfortable

Don’t feel that because you are the bride that you have to wear the traditional white dress with the multitude of bows, frills and lace. If you don’t wear skirts or dresses very often you will just feel awful and be dying to take of the dress at the end of the day. With the many designs and trends in bridal dresses available today, you will surely find something you like and want to wear. Don’t be afraid of not conforming to tradition – this is your day.

Church weddings

With all different venues now offering bridal couples somewhere other than a church to get married, the choice is huge. If you are not religious then perhaps you would feel more comfortable in an old Castle or maybe a Theme Park. Gone are the days when couples were shunned from society if word got out that you weren’t marrying in church. You have the freedom to choose where you want to be married, choose somewhere significant to the both of you. If you met at a local park why not ask if you can be married there?

Whatever happens your wedding day will be special to you. Just enjoy the day and relax. Everything will come together in the end and all the stressful months of planning, arranging and organising would have been worth it - whether you have a guitar shaped cake or not!