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Caterers, musicians, bridesmaids, pageboys, decorations, dresses, veils, make-up, church, venue, cars, the reception, etc.

There are many things a bride has to organise and arrange on the run up to the big day. All brides want everything to run smoothly, and leave nothing to chance, wishing the whole day runs as smoothly as possible. All the planning and organising becomes very stressful. Making plans for your wedding day shouldn't become a chore. There are ways you can make this an exciting experience, and just as much fun as the day itself.
Follow the top tips below for a relaxed and completely stress-free wedding.

1. Ask others to help you with the planning. Don’t put the entire burden on your shoulders; your mother or the groom's mother would probably love to get involved with the plans.

2. Assign friends or family members with little tasks of their own. This will relieve the stress from you and get little things done at the same time. Maybe you could let them pick up the dress and someone else arrange the transport. This will leave you more time to focus your attentions on your own plans and commitments.

3. Don’t worry. Everything always seems to come together in the end. This is going to be the best day of your life. Worrying and trying to organise too much will make you ill. You want to look radiant on your big day, so make sure you don’t get worry wrinkles or get so stressed out that by the actual day you’ll need a long rest and look like you haven’t slept for a week!

4. Make it fun. Grab a few girlfriends and go out for the day shopping for bridesmaid dresses, or perhaps when you visit a venue for the reception, make a night of it and stay and have a meal. It doesn’t have to be all arranging and stress.

5. If family feuds or guests are making waves when it comes to the seating arrangements, don’t worry. You have to be strong and get everyone together. Remind them politely but firmly that this is yours and your groom's day. and ask if they could just set aside their differences for 24 hours. Making them feel that feuding is somewhat childish will probably shake them up a bit and make them see their selfishness.

6. Relax. Have a wedding planning-free weekend and take your mom to a health spa. All the pampering, relaxation and breathing classes will calm you completely, ready for Monday morning when your planning will begin again.

7. Be yourself. Don’t feel you have to impress everyone by looking like the traditional bride in white. If that isn’t your style then why should you have to compromise? If you don’t like expensive food don’t think that you have to serve expensive food. This day you will remember forever, you want a day to be proud of, not a day where you felt uncomfortable or false.

8. From the beginning, make it known to your mother and the groom's mother (who will want to be involved with organising the event) what you want. If your mother wants to see you in a white dress with huge frills, bows and lace and you don’t – tell her straight away. You don’t need the added stress and pressure of trying to please everybody else – this is your day. This can be difficult if your parents are helping out by paying for the wedding, but maybe you could compromise – i.e. you have the dress you want if your mother invites a few of her friends or chooses the decorations for the tables.

9. Get the groom involved. Even if it is just organising his and the best man's suit hire. It is his day, too. He might not want to organise the whole day, but make him feel part of the celebrations. The last thing you want him to feel is like a guest arriving at someone else’s marriage.

10. Don’t do too much. Provided you’ve started your planning early, you needn’t rush and organise everything in one week. Take your time and enjoy it!