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All of a sudden professional wrestling has become a giant big business. It has become the highest rated show ever on cable. Children everywhere are wearing the clothes and saying the slogins. But for god sakes, why? The answer is so simple its mind boggling it hasn't happened before.
Unlike other sports where everyone has their favorites or even simpler they have the sport that they like. Wrestling has changes all that. It brings it down to the lowest common denominator. Every one understands the rules (or lack there of). For the vast majority everyone in the stadium or at home support or root for the same athlete. Make no mistake they are real athletes. They inspire every man to be the guy in the ring. Think about it. Pro wrestlers have become some of the largest role models to kids and even adults. But still how did they get so huge. A simple trick. They added a storyline. Wrestling has become the soap opera for men. It became a common source of pure sports entertainment. There are no million dollar cry babies that for only one season out of the year. Wrestlers get no down time. They work every day, either traveling or performing or training. No off season. They get a vacation once every year and a half on the average. In plain words they are a mans man.
They are either loved or hated by the fans. In the end they all earned their respect. All the fans know and love the fact that it is just entertainment.