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Old wives tales and pregnancy go hand in hand. Ask any expectant mother. You may not be certain what the sex of your unborn baby is yet, but one thing is for sure: you will get a ton of unsolicited advice from well meaning strangers who are more than willing to rub your belly for luck, ask you what position the child was conceived in and then determine exactly what you'll be having and when. So, what's true?

Very few old wives tales hold any value, according to the Yale University School of Medicine. Most stories, in fact, are completely fictitious. Unless you've had an ultra sound or amniocentesis, there's no real way to determine the sex of your child until it's born.

IT'S ALL IN THE WAY YOU'RE CARRYING The most common old wives tales revolve around where that unborn baby is in relation to your body and what you look like. By all accounts, the only thing that determines where your baby has positioned itself is nature, and your own body size. For example, if your belly sticks out, it only an verifies that you have a short torso and there's nowhere else for the baby to go. Carrying low merely points to lax stomach muscles. Carrying wide could mean the baby is lying in a sideways position. Doctors are in unison. None of these old wives tales hold any merit:

1. If you're carrying high it's a boy and low, it's a girl.

2. If you're carrying in front, it's a boy and wide, it's a girl

3. If your belly is low, you will deliver soon.

4. A big belly means a big baby.

IT'S ALL IN WHAT YOU EAT Though your Obstetrician will probably encourage you to eat for two and take daily supplements, he/she will not tell you that what you consume during (and even before) pregnancy will be able to determine the sex of your child. These far fetched wonders are completely false:

1. If you want a boy, drink cola products, eat more red meats and stick with salty snacks like pretzels and chips.

2. If it's a girl you desire, both partners should eats lots of vegetables and fish and bulk up on sweets-especially chocolate!

CRAVINGS While it's certain you'll undoubtedly have cravings during your pregnancy, they're also not accurate indicators of the sex of your child. None of these old wives tales ring true:

1. If you crave sweets, you'll have a girl.

2. If you crave meats or cheeses, you'll have a boy.

WATCH YOUR BODY CHANGES FOR CLUES Yes, your body will change and grow and do things you never thought it could during this nine months, but none of these cravings can accurately guage what your child will turn out to be, either. These old wives tales are too far fetched:

1. If you get red highlights in your hair, you'll have a girl.

2. If your belly gets hairy, you'll have a boy.

3. Dark nipples mean you're having a boy.

4. If you have morning sickness early in pregnancy, it's sure to be a girl.

5. If you look a little "rough around the edges," it must be a girl because girls steal their mother's looks.

6. If your skin breaks out, you're sure to have a girl.

7. If your right breast is bigger, it will be a boy. If your left breast is larger, it will be a girl.

8. If your hands are dry and chapped, it will be a boy.

9. If your feet are not colder than they were before pregnancy, you're having a girl.

LOOK TO YOUR MOTHER While physicians agree that such things as body size and shape that have been inherited from one or the other parent can contribute to whether your pregnancy will be similar to your mother's, it's not a clear cut indicator that history will repeat itself. Old wives tales that hold some merit:

1. If your mother had an easy pregnancy, you will, too.

2. If your mother never lost weight after pregnancy, you won't be able to, either.

3. If your mother got stretch marks, so will you.

4. If your mother had big babies, so will you.

WHERE DID THESE COME FROM? As with all old wives tales, there are a few that make you shake your head and wonder how they came to be. These no brainers are completely false:

1. If you want to know the sex of your child, urinate into a toilet filled with Drano. If the liquid turns blue, you'll have a boy. If it turns pink, it's a girl.

2. A sure-fire way to get pregnant is to stand on your head after intercourse. Gravity will ensure your success.

3. Suspend a needle from some thread and have someone hold it one inch above your hand. If the needle swings back and fort, a girl is in your future. If it moves in a circle, you can count on a boy.

4. Hang your wedding ring from a strand of the father's hair over your belly. If the ring moves side to side, it'll be a girl. If it swings, it will be a boy. Also, be sure to count the rotations that the ring makes to find out how many children you'll carry in your lifetime.