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So how can you put on make-up and have it transform you into a star look-a-like? Well maybe not a look-a-like... but you will be as perfect as you can possibly be, how's that?

First, wash your face. If you have oily skin, use an unscented bar of soap. If you have dry skin, use specially formulated face soap for dry skin, then lather your face with a thick moisturizer to prevent flaking. Next, dry your skin off, and allow it to "settle" for about ten minutes. If you apply the make-up now, it will get pushed out of the pores, creating the "cakey" look.

Now, apply a foundation that matches your skin, using your fingers. Rub the foundation in all over your face as if it was a wonderful cream. Check yourself out in a brightly lit room, make sure there are no streaks. Now, if there are any blemishes on your skin, leave them alone for now.

Next, use a large brush to brush powder evenly over your face. Put some powder on your fingers and rub it into your under-eye area, getting rid of any uneven skin color. Now take a Q-Tip, and put a little bit of foundation on the end of it. If you have any blemishes, lightly (very lightly) dab a tiny amount of foundation onto your blemish. If this conceals it, leave it alone. Otherwise, apply pressure with your finger tip to the foundation in this spot to even it out. Do NOT put powder back on over this spot, it will give it a powdery look.

Imitate a fish. Yes you heard me, suck in your cheeks like a fish! See those things sticking out? Those are your cheekbones, this is where you want to apply the blush. Lightly rub your blush brush across the powder, then quickly proceed with an even stroke over your cheekbones.

Now using an eye-shadow applicator, apply one color of eye-shadow evenly over the cover of your eye. Do not go past that line. Next, use a soft crayon type eye-liner to line the inside bottom lid, proceed to make a little dot in the outside corners of your eyes. Next apply two coats of mascara on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom.

Lipstick is tricky to apply. Always use a lip brush for lipstick. Rub the brush onto the lipstick until it is evenly covered in color. Now paint your lips, top and bottom, but do NOT rub them together. Take an ice cube, and rub it all over the lips for about sixty seconds, this will set the lipstick.

Now you are gorgeous! If you end up sweating, don't rub it off, just pat it off with a paper towel.