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One can go and buy the prestige products in the market suitable for him or her. But time is not always sufficient and even when they did, shopping simply wasn't fun. So, here are some remedies that you prepare at home at your leisure time to beautify yourself.

Make your face a clean canvas before applying colors. Milk protein is the best known natural emollient. It smoothens the skin surface, soothes dry patches and pampers the skin, giving it its natural nourishment. It goes deep into the skin, gently removing all traces of grime, makeup and dead skin cells. One should wash the face twice daily with milk and positively before going to sleep. Overnight unclean skin leads to clogged pores. The excess oil secreted by the oil glands attract dirt and impurities which, combined with dead skin cells, tend to clog the pores. The trapped sebum forms a block in the skin pore and when viewed from the skin surface, they appear as dark black spots.
Also, drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water per day helps to flush out toxins, whose level in the body, if raised, leads to the formation of acnes and bad body and mouth odor. High fiber diet also helps to remove toxins. Remember, concealing yourself under makeup doesn't keep you beautiful for long.

Feel rejuvenated and soft like morning dew. Honey and coconut water are well known for their beneficial effects on skin apart from uses in medicine. Also, milk creamer and almond oil have got skin nourishing formula. These being suitable for all skin types, when massaged all over the body with special care on hands, feet, elbows, knees and other rough, dry areas, act as a continuous, complete source of moisture replenishment and retention, by putting back lost moisture and preventing further moisture loss, thus giving a silky smooth feel.

It is important for your skin to be toned as it refines the surface pores to prevent excess oil secretion thus giving the skin a healthy glow. Natural rose water, prepared by boiling and bottling the water extracted from rose petals can be used over a month if the bottles are refrigerated. Feel spring fresh at no cost!

It is never too late to start looking young. To revive skin stuck in a rut, simply massage hands, face and body once a day before taking bath with almond or coconut oil. Message gently, with circular motions, wait 4-5 minutes, then step into the shower. The daily massage with oil along with sandalwood powder removes fine lines and firms the skin. Take special care and use the index and middle fingers to gently tap on the eye area. Do not pull or rub vigorously, since the eye area has the most sensitive and fragile skin.

Hair caring:
Oil has been known to be the best food for hair. The hair should be oiled at least once or twice a week before shampooing off. Castor oil has been known to thicken hair and is thus responsible for extra hair growth. To boost hair's strength and resiliency, give it life, bounce, shine and clarity from root to tip and to increase manageability and styling, one must condition it, the natural conditioner being lemon juice, honey and tea water. 5 teaspoons of honey or lemon juice or half-a-tea bag in one gallon of water is sufficient to do the trick for shoulder-long hair.

Now that we know something about home beauty tips and tricks, why not try it? Remember, these remedies take time and patience but leaves you naturally beautiful for a longer time which is far better than the short time magic caused by the chemical cosmetics.

No more hiding under thick make-up plasters!