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Single moms are everywhere. I bet you know one or maybe you are one. Single moms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are barely making it, struggling to get by, looking at a future filled with gloom. Others, however, survive. In fact, they thrive! They make single motherhood look easy, fun and fulfilling. They are the successful single moms.

What is their secret? Why do some single moms battle while others bloom? They bloom because they know what you don't. They know how to make the most of their situation. Below are some tried and true tips of successful single moms. Implement them into your daily routine and watch your life improve.

Do not put your life on hold. Do not make excuses. Do not wait on circumstances such as the perfect man, more money, a smashing career, or a big home and fancy car to start living your life fully. Live here and now with as much style and pizzazz as you possess. Don't spend your life waiting in the wings. Run out onto the stage of your life and be a star.

Successful single moms know the value of making the most of every moment and enjoying their lives just as they are. People who are always biding their time and making plans for the future often miss the blessings and excitement of today. Your life might not be exactly as you planned but it's yours. Refuse to put your life on hold. Live life fully, now!

Dare to dream. You're probably going to have some days when everything seems wrong. That's when it's time to retreat to the world of daydreams. Yes, I said daydreams. While some people discourage it, I am a firm daydreaming advocate. Daydreams bring us great ideas that we can act upon in our daily lives. Daydreams make us aware of the wonderful possibilities that surround us when all hope seems to be lost.

As a single mom, you may sometimes experience feelings of lack, limitation and anxiety. You have a lot of responsibilities resting on your shoulders. Daydreams can give you a welcome break from all of that. While you may be experiencing challenging circumstances now, remember that they will not last forever. Your day is coming and in order to prepare yourself for success, think big!

Often we're guilty of not using what we have. We all have what we need to succeed but negative, limited thinking sometimes convinces us we don't. Use what you have (instead of focusing on what you need) and you'll be surprised how far it goes.

Don't save your grandmother's china for special occasions. Use it daily and think of the rich heritage you inherited from her. Her eyes, her determination, her willpower. Are you saving that bottle of champagne for a party? Have a party right here, right now, celebrate the wonderful success that you are each and every day. Drink a toast to yourself. Do the kids need a project for school and you have no supplies? Look around the house and think of extraordinary uses for ordinary objects. You'll be surprised at the possibilities.

Make time to laugh and play with your kids. Be a kid with them. Remember what it was like to be young. Live in the moment. Just for a while, give your mind a break from the bills, the job, and the ex. Have fun. Play, run, laugh, and sing.

If you're not sure how, watch your kids when they're playing. They are not thinking about that meeting tomorrow or how to pay for the new television or the shopping list. If they're playing, they play. When they're resting, they rest. Follow their example. Do one thing at a time, focus your energy and live in the moment.

We all need change. Life can sometimes be boring for a single mom immersed in routine. You may feel you're drowning in an endless sea of drudgery. When that happens, it's time to liven things up. Do something different. Daily.

It may be something as simple as trying a new grocery store, shopping at the department store in the next town instead of the one around the corner, renting a video that's a comedy instead of a tearjerker or driving a different route to work.

If you want to travel but have no money, go to the library, stock up on videos and books about your desired destination, watch them with the kids, plan a small party with and cook regional foods from that area. If it's a foreign country you dream of, start learning the language, one word at a time. Your day will come. In the meantime, just break out and do something new. Successful single moms know that variety is the spice of life.

Be proud that you're making it on your own. No one needs to know that after paying the bills this week you only had $6.73 to stretch until your next payday. All they need to know is that you're making it, the bills are paid and you are fine.

Eventually your situation will improve but in the meantime, enjoy what men have always known, being the breadwinner can really provide you with a sense of satisfaction. You are able to provide all that your kids need and provide it on your own. You can meet their needs. Realize this and be proud.

Sometimes the urge to confide in and ask the advice of friends and family members can be overwhelming. You have problems, you feel alone and you need someone to talk to. That's a normal feeling but my advice to you is “Keep your own counsel." Single moms need to listen to themselves, not their mom, sister or best friend. They may have some good ideas from time to time but nobody knows what's right for you but you.

Make your own decisions starting now. Make them quickly, see them through and live with the consequences, for better or worse. You will be surprised at how well this process works. Indecisiveness is a killer. When you make your own decisions, your confidence and strength will grow. You will bloom into a confident, strong and independent woman. Isn't that a role model you'd like for your children rather than one who is always seeking the opinions of others?

Don't forget about yourself. Sure you have lots of responsibilities but your first one needs to be to you. You're strong, busy and responsible for everyone and everything. Therefore, you need to be in top form. You do that by taking care of your needs. Whatever they are.

Do some simple things for yourself like establishing a regular (and early) bedtime for your kids. This aids them by giving them the rest their growing bodies need and it also ensures that you get some downtime. While being a mom is the greatest thing in the world, you are also a woman and an individual too.

Make sure you eat right, get enough rest and pursue your own interests. Even if you have a hard time fitting them in at first, do it! It will keep you going. Perhaps you like to draw, crochet, sing or write. Just make sure you nurture that need and fulfill your soul.

Being a successful single mom does require time and effort but the rewards are big. With the tips listed above, and a little elbow grease, you too can be a successful single mom.