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Women are suffering, women are dying. Not for their country, not for their honor, but by husbands and lovers who claim they love them. It starts slowly, usually with some verbal abuse, and as it escalates into physical abuse, it can be considered a disease that grows. Not only for the victim, but for the violator as well.

Most wonder why she stays! Why she puts up with it? Why she allows him to abuse her, physically and emotionally. The answer is, in most cases, simply to stay alive! Most of these women die trying to escape the relationship. The majority of these women are killed while the perpetrator has a restraining order in effect.

How do we, as a society, share in the guilt? We ease our conscience by reassuring ourselves that there are shelters available. We can ignore it because it's not happening to us, or we just simply don't want to interfere with their family business. Please understand it is hard for these women to think clearly while living in a war zone. It is a misconception to believe they either deserve or enjoy the abuse. They stay as a measure of survival.

If we could recognize the signs, offer help, suggestions, a way to lead them to a clear definitive action of leaving, and getting out safely would be the ultimate goal. That is the key! To get out safely! Instead of turning away in fear of something we don't understand or want to deal with, we should, as a society become involved and try to get help for our friends, family, loved ones who are victims. Yes, the statistics show that someone you know, work with, walk by at the grocery store, maybe your cashier or hairdresser could very well be carrying this emotional pain of abuse. And even though these women try their best to hide their shame and embarrassment, the signs are there.

This disease does not confine itself to poverty stricken areas. It affects women of all races, education levels, and classes of society.

If you suspect you know someone who is going through this ordeal please reach out to help. If someone we know dies from this, we start to think that maybe we could have done something. Possibly offered some kind of help and support, maybe just a word of comfort. An acknowledgment that we understand and want to help is required and needed because to allow something so tragic to continue well….. Then it becomes the guilt we share, just by doing NOTHING!