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Unlike many of the other elements to planning your wedding, planning your wedding shower isn't nearly as complex. There are no strict rules of etiquette as far as what you serve at a wedding shower. You can go so far as to hire a caterer, you can shop for the food yourself, you can even cook the food, if you so choose. You can even go so far as to only serve hors d'oeuvres. Whatever you decide is fine. However, it is customary for food of some sort to be served at a wedding reception. After all, you can't expect a group of your closest family, friends and co-workers to sit for two hours and watch you open gifts without having a beverage or some food in their hands!

What should you serve?
This largely depends on what type of day your shower occurs and how much you want to spend. Here is a list of different typical foods that are served at bridal showers for different times of day.

Breakfast Shower:
• Fresh fruit
• Waffles
• French Toast
• Bacon
• Sausage
• Ham
• Cheeses
• Bagels and croissants
• Donuts
• Juice
• Danishes
• Coffee
• Omelettes

Lunch or Afternoon Shower:
• A variety of Salads (tuna, pasta, garden, potato, macaroni)
• Meatballs
• Punch
• Soda
• Cold cuts
• Rolls
• Bagels

Appetizers for Dinner Showers:
• Chicken wings
• Metballs
• Shrimp
• Chicken fingers
• Vegetable platter and dip
• Stuffed mushrooms
• Small pizza squares

Desserts You Can Serve:
• Lemon squares
• Strawberries and chocolate
• Brownies
• Dutch apple cake