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Defining Alcoholism
Alcoholism is a chronic disease in which a person is addicted to alcohol. This person may use alcohol to boost their self-confidence, to relieve stress, or to forget their problems. The National Council on Alcoholism estimates that this disease affects about twelve million Americans. Although the symptoms of an alcoholic varies from person to person, most alcoholics display the following:

„Ï Change liquor stores often.
„Ï Deny problems with alcohol.
„Ï Have five or more drinks daily.
„Ï Do things while drinking that are regretted later.
„Ï Experience severe sleep problems, paranoia or depression.
„Ï Need a drink to start the day, before an event, or to wind down and relax.
„Ï Experience dramatic mood swings, from anger to laughter to sadness to anxiety.

This questionnaire was adapted from the New York City Affiliate of the National Council on Alcoholism. Please answer the following to asses if you are a woman alcoholic.

1. Do you drink a lot and not seem to get drunk?
2. Do you feel angry with yourself after a drinking binge?
3. Do you turn to drinking or drugs when life gets stressful?
4. If you cut down on your drinking or stop, do your hands shake, get nauseated, have headaches, sweat, or can't sleep?
5. Do you find yourself drinking more when no one is around?
6. Do you feel so bad after drinking that you cannot do your job or fulfill any of your responsibilities at home or work?
7. Do you continue to drink despite knowing alcohol worsens social or personal problems, such as family arguments?
8. Do you find that others around you are often making excuses for your behavior and actions?
9. Do you find that you are hiding your alcohol?
10. Do you find that you are associating more with friends that drink a lot rather than those that do not?

If you've answered "yes" to any one of the questions above you may be developing a drinking problem. According to Alcoholics Anonymous, if you've answered "yes" three or more times to any of the questions above, you have a problem with alcohol and should seek help.

Getting Help
Alcoholism is a serious problem for both men and women. However, it has been proven that alcohol affects women differently than it does men therefore, women need special care to overcome their addiction. The effects of alcohol on women include a wide array of medical and social problems. With many women filling the traditional roles of mother and primary caregiver, it has been with great shame and guilt women alcoholics seek help. Below you will find a list of organizations dedicated to the recovery of women alcoholics. I've presented the information¡Kthe rest is up to you!

1)Women For Sobriety

2) Women in New Recovery

3) Project CALM