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Gone are the days when the bride arrived at the church wearing her white wedding dress in the traditional royal car and made her entrance to the church and her awaiting guests. These days anything goes. Brides are choosing different and bright colours to get married in, original and different places to be wed, and weird and wonderful themes. Even the transport for the bride has been re-modernised.

If you¡¦d like something different for your wedding, take a look at the modern alternatives to the classic car - with a little imagination, you too can have original transport:

„h Hire a white or black London (or any other) taxi to take you to the wedding ¡V very sixties!
„h If you live near the church or reception, why not walk! You could lead a procession down the street, with all your guests following you.
„h You could hire a horse and carriage. Make sure that you keep your dress inside the cart (if it is very full) as a long train can get caught in the wheels and be damaged.
„h There are many companies that specialise in unusual cars. Look them up in your local directory. You could be arriving in a Cinderella type carriage, the Bat Mobile or even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
„h Helicopter. Obviously this would be better if you lived some distance away. Make sure that there is enough open space to land and that you have permission by the church/reception groundsmen.
„h If you can ride a horse, how about having your groom or father ride you to the church on a black or white stallion, it looks very romantic. Make sure they¡¦ll be somewhere for the horse to stand while you are in the church and that you have the proper permission to have the horse on the grounds (bearing in mind the mess it may leave behind).
„h If your friend has an unusual or flash car why not ask them to chauffeur you? This will save the arranging with another firm and the money too.