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Wedding Taboo – Write wedding related words (bride, groom, preacher, unity candle, gift registry, etc.) at the top of index cards – one card for each word. Below each word, write the five most logical words you would use to make someone guess the wedding related word. Divide the guests into two teams. Have each team take turns giving their own team clues to guess the wedding related words. Each team has one minute to have their team members guess as many as they can – but they cannot say the “taboo” words. Keep score – one point for each correctly guessed word; minus one point for each time a “taboo” word was used. The winning team is the one with the most points.

Ice Breaker Bingo – Make a sheet with 25 squares (five across and five down). In the center square, write “Free.” In each of the other squares, write something like “Has been a bridesmaid more than three times,” or “Is wearing the wedding colors,” or “Knows how the bride and groom met.” Have the guests mingle with the other guests in order to have them sign a square which is true for them. The winner is the first person to get five in a row. Have the guests prove that they can do each thing or share about their experiences.

Wedding Win, Lose or Draw – Get a large pad of newsprint art paper. Prepare cards with wedding related words on them (bride, groom, preacher, unity candle, gift registry, etc.). Divide the guests into two teams. Have each team send a person to the art pad and draw the word on their half of the pad. The team which guesses the word first gets a point. Alternatively, have each team take turns sending someone up.

Name Scramble – Write the bride’s and groom’s names on a poster board or on the top of sheets of paper to copy. Have guests come up with as many words as they can using the letters from their names. Guests score points for each words which they got that no one else wrote down.

Word Scramble – Create a list of 20 wedding related words but scramble the letters of the words. Give guests 3 minutes to unscramble as many as they can.

Three Truths and a Lie – Have each guest write down three true statements and one lie about their own wedding or dating experiences. The lies should sound like something that could be true; the truths should sound a bit outlandish. Have guests put their lists in a bowl and then let each guest read one. Have the other guests try to figure out which statement is the lie and who wrote the statements.

How Did You Meet? – Have each guest write down a true or fictional story of how they met their husband or a past or present boyfriend. Have one person read all of the statements and have the group try to guess which one is the bride’s and who wrote the others and if the statements were true or fictitious.

Toilet Paper Bride – Divide the guests into teams of 4-6 people. Give each team a roll of white toilet paper. Have them select a bride and then create a dress for her out of the toilet paper. Have the “brides” model their dresses and have the guests vote on which team’s creation is the best.

Wedding Advice Mad Libs – Have each guest write down the best advice they ever received about love or marriage (or do this ahead of time for them using your own pieces of advice). Have them omit three or four key words from their statement and write down what part of speech the words are. Then ask guests for nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. to fill in the missing words. Read the altered pieces of advice aloud.

Envelope Door Prize – Purchase a package of Thank You cards and have each guest fill out their name and address on one of the envelopes (like it was being mailed to them) as they arrive. Before the end of the shower, have the bride draw an envelope out of a bowl and give a door prize to the person whose name is on that envelope. Then give the bride the stack of envelopes and the Thank You cards to send to the guests.