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What is a Guide?

A guide will include everything your guests will need to know, when they come to your wedding. As you already know, this is an extremely busy time for the bride and groom. If you had to answer a hundred phone calls from relatives needing directions, you might forget your cake! So, this guide will answer all questions. Here is a list of things to include:

oItinerary of events (This is suggested first, so your relatives know what day they need to fly in.)
oSuggestion of airport to fly into
oDirections from airport to suggested hotel
oHotel information to make reservations
oList of other suggested hotels in case they cannot or do not want to stay at this hotel
oLocation and directions of the rehearsal dinner
oLocation and directions to the bridal luncheon
oLocation and directions to the church or place of ceremony
oLocation and directions to the place of the reception
oDirections to the home of the bride and groom
oInformation to contact either side of the family if there are any problems
oA list of other things to do in the city, if your guests are in town for awhile
oInformation on the typical weather this time of year
oSuggestions of attire for certain events

How do you put this together?

Selecting how to put this information together depends largely on your capabilities and your families. The most popular way now is to post the information on the Internet. However, someone in your family will have to know how to design a website; and the bulk of your relatives will need Internet access. This simply is not accessible for some.

If not, you can mail the information. Some bridal parties wait until the guest has returned their RSVP, others do not require one. Some also consider it tacky to mail it with the invitation. While you can mail directions to the church in the invitation, the other material might seem excessive. For those, simply wait until the guest has received their invitation. Wait about another month, and then mail out your Guest Guide. Most guests will really appreciate the information and be less worried about how they received it.