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There is a certain etiquette you'll want to consider when seating guests for your wedding ceremony. Yes, you'll have lots of family members on both sides of the aisle. You may even have extended family there, such as step-parents, step-brothers, and the families of your brothers' wives. Here's a guide for you to follow when consider who should sit where.
Typically, your parents sit in the first row next to the center aisle. However, if they are divorced, then your birth mother is normally given the honor of sitting in the front row, and she may choose who sits there with her. If she has remarried, she may have her new spouse sitting with her, or whomover else she chooses. Depending on the situation with the break up of your parents, your father will sit a row or two back. If the break up was friendly and your parents are now on good terms, your father may sit in the second row with whomever he chooses. If your parents are not so friendly with each other now, your father should sit a few rows farther back. Another rule is that if you were raised by your stepmother, the roles can be reversed. Your father may sit in the front row with your stepmother, and your biological mother may be farther back.
Family that is closest to you such as your brothers and sisters and their families are typically in the second and third rows. Your closest friends and extended family, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews may follow in the rows immediately behind them. You may alter this plan slightly, if you so choose. For instance, if you would like for your grandparents to be in the front row with your parents, that would be all right. Or if you're especially close with one or two friends, they may sit behind your immediate family and in front of your extended relatives. Other friends and family members may be seated in other spots throughout the church. Typically, the groom's family sits on the right side of the aisle, if you're facing the front of the church. And the bride's family sits on the left side. You may want to designate and reserve the most important seating arrangements for your closest family and friends by sectioning the front few rows off with ribbon.