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You want to find foods that everyone will like–including you!
So your first decision is whether your reception food will be served in a sitdown or buffet style. This decision can set the tone for your entire reception. If you have a sit-down meal, you're having a more formal affair. If you have a buffet-style meal, that allows your guests to feel more relaxed and may liven up your crowd a bit. Sit-down meals are typically more expensive on a per-plate basis, but only because you're paying for the hired wait staff. In buffet-style meals, you don't have to pay as large of a wait staff, but you're buying more food, because the per-serving amount drastically increases.

What are your buffet style options?
You have many choices when it comes to deciding what you want to serve on your buffet and how you want it served.
First, you should decide what type of meat will be served. Beef and chicken are the most popular for weddings. You need to keep in mind is that chicken is less expensive than beef, and that many people won't even eat red meat. So, having chicken on your menu is probably a wise idea. You'll want to serve plenty of vegetables to go with your meat. And make sure you have several choices of breads, candies, nuts, desserts, and fruits. It's truly up to you what the menu consists of, but you need to take into consideration the make up of your group and what they generally will like to eat.
If you serve your food buffet style, you'll want to have two lines formed, so your guests will be able to move through the lines more quickly. You'll also want to have plenty of food sitting out, so they won't be afraid to take as much as they want.
Another method of serving food at weddings that's growing in popularity is having food "stations" set up in addition to what's being served on your buffet lines. This way, you could have someone at a meat station, carving roast beef right off the bone, and who would also be there to serve your guests chicken that is still in a warm pan. This lets your guests rest assured that their meat hasn't been sitting out for awhile, when they see that it's being carved right off the bone. Another idea for stations is to have a pasta station and a Mexican station. Your guests can have several selections of pasts served to them, or even some tacos.