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The responsibility of decorating the reception hall can be quite a duty. You have to worry about communicating with those who manage the hall, organizing the purchases of decorations, and deciding which decorations would look best in which locations. Not to mention the duty of making sure the decorations you buy fit with the colors and styles of the wedding party. Here are some tips for decorating your wedding reception hall.

• Find out when the earliest possible time is that you might be able to enter the reception hall and decorate. You'll want to know how much time you'll have, and whether you need to pick up a key to the place in order to ensure plenty of time to decorate. Find out whether there are any limitations on what can be done as far as decorating the place. Tell the manager exactly what you plan to do so there are no misunderstandings.
• Talk extensively with the wedding party about what they expect the wedding hall to look like. What is the style of the wedding? Any particular themes you should know about? What are the exact colors of the wedding party? You'd hate to be told the color is blue, go out and by baby blue streamers and decorations, only to find out that the wedding color is navy.
• Find people to help you decorate. You'll need as many people as possible to help you go to the reception site and decorate. The more the merrier. Many people are eager to help out with weddings (because it's such an exciting time), so don't be afraid to ask.
• Know what your budget is. How much can you spend?
• Find out what flowers will be brought into the reception site and where they'll be placed.
• Ask the reception hall manager if the reception hall has any wedding decorations that you might be able to borrow or rent. They may even put the decorations up for you, if you ask.
• Don't forget to buy tape and tacks. You'll likely need plenty of these materials in order to make sure all your decorations stick to the tables, walls and ceilings.
• When you are done decorating, invite the sponsors of the wedding and the bride and groom inside to come take a look. Ask them if there's anything they want you to change. Keep in mind that, while at this point it may feel like it's partially your wedding, it's actually still theirs. They are also under a lot of stress, so offer as much help as you can.