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You'll want your reception to be just as unique as your wedding. You want it to be a special celebration of the occasion and the life you're starting with your new spouse. There are many traditional places to hold receptions, such as your church hall or the local social hall. These definitely serve their purposes and are great places to hold your reception because they are easy to get to, all your friends know where they are, and they're large enough to hold the number of people you've invited.
But there are other places that you may want to consider when choosing a place to hold your wedding reception. If you're not afraid to branch out a bit and try something that isn't often done, perhaps one of these ideas will be right for you.

1. Theater. Why not have your reception on the stage of your local theater group. You'll be sure to have great lighting and a decent stereo system.
2. Historic home or estate. These make great locations, especially if you're having a period wedding or an especially formal affair.
3. A garden. These are already decorated with plenty of flowers and make great spring- or summer-time reception sites.
4. A historic battleship. Have your reception on board!
5. Aquarium. You'll be able to keep decorations to a minimum, as you'll have tropical and freshwater fish everywhere you look.
6. Beach. Why not set up a tent on a beach and let the wind blow through your hair? The scenery will truly be amazing.
7. Your college chapel. Did you both go to the same college? Consider having your reception–or even the ceremony itself at the chapel.
8. Fruit Orchard. This makes a great, colorful time.
9. Luxury hotel. They provide just about everything you need to have a great and memorable occasion.