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Romantic Music for your wedding

When it comes to weddings there can be nothing more romantic than dancing the first dance of the evening to your favourite love song with your new husband.

When booking and choosing the music for your wedding reception and ceremony you have several things to think about before booking a particular band or music:

- what style you want
- whether you want slow background music or for dancing
- Will your chosen music/band be able to play ‘your song’?

Becoming more popular for wedding receptions these days are soloists – both voice and instrument. Have you thought about these as possibilities?

- A harpist; very romantic and easy to listen to. More for the sophisticated wedding.
- A flutist; also very calm and peaceful although dancing will be difficult.
- A combination of the two. Many soloists are also part of a two piece.
- A solo singer; be it rock or a ballad singer.
- A band. Be it slow jazz or blues.

The songs are an important part of a wedding music. Most couples go through a list of the hits they’d like played and give a general style of music they like so that the band/soloist can be sure that they are getting what they want. Make sure you do this at least one month in advance and send a copy (go through it with them if possible) and keep a copy for your own records should there be a problem later. To be absolutely sure that the entertainment is sure of what you want telephone them a week after sending the repertoire list just to check that there aren’t any problems and that they are sure of what you want.

Another thing to think about is your guests. If you book a harpist for the evening when they were looking forward to having a disco or dance you won’t be very popular. On the other hand this is your day and you cannot (and will not) please everyone.