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Wedding funds are essential in the evaluation process of planning your wedding. Once you pick the groom, set the date, arrange the place, etc., funding becomes an immediate concern. You will have to tap into your
reservoir of savings the minute you first start planning. Most places associated with a wedding require booking months, if not years, in advance. These type of bookings usually require some sort of a deposit to hold the
desired spot for your desired day.
There are three ways to handle these sorts of reservations. Payment by cash, check or charge. The first option is the least viable. Most places do not accept cash because of its lack of paper trail. Anyways, would you
feel comfortable walking around town with a pocket full of Benjamin's? Cash also creates a problem because you are simply a reservation in the book or in the mind of the proprietor. There is no concrete way to measure how much
you actually paid. With this method dismissed the other two options are checks and credit cards.
If you happen to be luck enough that your parents have set aside an account for you wedding, you can start a separate checking account for the sole purpose of you wedding. This would allow you to write checks without
the fear of bouncing them.
The last option may prove easiest of all. If you decide to charge everything you will have records of how much you paid for everything and when the charge occurred. Be careful to payoff your balance each month. Remember, weddings cost thousands of dollars and you do not want to begin your new life with extreme debt hanging over your head!!