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It's generally a good idea to choose two or three stores that have a wide variety of items you want and need. You don't want to have more than that, because you don't want to send your guests trekking around town to a hundred places in order to find the perfect gift.
The best idea is to choose one major quality department store that has plenty of items you'd like for your home and a couple other–perhaps specialty–stores. Having a major department store allows your guests to do one-stop shopping if they so choose. And it also allows guests who live in different cities the chance to shop at the same department store in their town and be able to shop from your list.

What types of gifts should you ask for?
Pick out items you'll truly use. You want to make sure your dinnerware matches your glassware, that your towels match, and etc. Choose some high-dollar items, too. Don't be afraid to put the washing machine and drier you want on your list. There may be a group of family members or friends who want to go in together for a gift. You'll be helping them make that decision.

What should your registry definitely include?
A typical registry has a wide array of items. You want there to be plenty of items from which your guests my choose suitable gifts. A normal registry includes these items:

• Kitchenware
• Cookingware
• Electronic appliances
• Glassware
• Items to decorate your home
• Formal and casual dinnerware and silverware
• Luggage
• Bathroom items
• Bedroom items
• Intimate apparel for the bride
• Furniture
• Linens