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You may pick many of the flowers that will be presented and used during your wedding ceremony and reception based on their color and the ones that you think are most attractive for your particular occasion. However, another item of note is to choose some flowers based on their meaning. What do the flowers you're using in your wedding symbolize? You may want to consider this list before you go flower shopping. Many couples like to solely choose the flowers that are used in their ceremonies based on what they mean. You may have more of one type in your bouquet and fewer of another based on how much of each meaning you want in your ensemble.
Roses and myrtles are the typical flowers symbolizing love, while the red chrysanthemum and the red rose in particular tell someone that you love them. The carnation is a sign of a deep and pure love, and the white lilac is indicative of a first sign of love in a relationship. There are many flowers that illustrate joy in a relationship, including the wood sorrel, the gardenia, and the lime. Daisies symbolize your sharing of feelings, amaryllis indicates splendid beauty, and lilies stand for purity. Ivy is generally used to symbolize fidelity in a relationship, honeysuckle is indicative of a generous and genuine affection, and buttercups stand for riches.
Other flowers with meaning in weddings include the violet which is considered to stand for faithfulness, a daffodil which shows regard for someone, and apple blossoms which signify the temptation. Orange blossoms symbolize the purity in a relationship, camelias show someone your gratitude, and a bluebell signifies constancy.