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Wedding children entertainment

One decision that's not often thought about when planning a wedding is whether children will be invited. As nice as it is to have your favorite nieces, nephews, cousins and their little friends at your wedding and reception, there are down sides, too. When it comes to toddlers, for instance, you never know when they'll become restless and start screaming. It could be right in the middle of your vows. That's the most inopportune time for the spotlight to be taken away from you and your soon-to-be spouse.

How do you tell your guests the wedding is only for adults?
You need to consider whether children will be invited. Sometimes, couples choose to have children invited to the reception and not the wedding. If you elect to handle the children situation in this manner, be sure on your invitation to have "adults only" written on the wedding cards and "children allowed" written on the reception cards. However, you may elect to have children banned from the entire process. In that case be sure both cards explicitly say "adults only." You may decide that notifying your guests by word of mouth might be easiest, but one thing to consider is that sometimes the word doesn't get to all the guests.

How do you entertain restless children at your wedding ceremony?
Set up a play room at your church or chapel. Have one of the older teenagers in your family be in charge of the group and give that teen explicit instructions to keep the children quiet and inside the play area. You can tell the guests on their way into the church that there is a play area for the children and that if at any time during the ceremony, they feel their children would be a disturbance to the ceremony that the children should be taken to the play area.

How do you entertain children at your wedding reception?
Make sure the kids of the group have something to do. There's often nothing more boring for children than to be forced to sit in their best "dress-up" clothes for hours on end watching adults talk and dance. Let the children dance, too. Make sure you have one or two songs that are performed early in the reception that are just for kids (of course, adults can dance along with them). Also, consider having a play area for kids. A little closed-off section of the room will do. Supply some toys and games for them, so they'll have a place to retreat to if they feel tired or bored.