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Although the rings are blessed by the minister in a church ceremony, the giving or receiving of a wedding ring is not a legal requirement, however it is seen as the maid focus and heart of a marriage ceremony.

Wedding rings can be a traditional type, possible a family heirloom or perhaps a birthstone. The rings will be worn constantly so it is important to choose and find the right rings for you both. Rings do not have to be identical, but most are sold in packages for both the bride and groom.

When first choosing a jeweller, make sure that he has a good reputation and is not just a retailer. Discuss your budget limitations with the dealer and stick to them. Most jewellers have ranges to suit all tastes and budgets. It is prudent to start shopping as soon as possible and give the jeweller at least a month for any alterations before the wedding. Often jewelers are able to re-size jewelery in-house, whereas retailers need to send the rings to another party for alterations. When choosing a size remember that it is fine to have it a little tight on your finger as you will hardly ever take it off, whereas a little loose will only cause problems such as not sitting properly on your finger and even slipping off.

Many couples choose to have a birthstone (one for the bride and one for the groom) placed in their rings or even an engraving to make them that more personal. Birthstones correspond to the month that you were born and are said to symbolise their characters:

January Garnet Constancy
February Amethyst Sincerity
March Bloodstone Courage
April Diamond Innocence or lasting love
May Emerald Success or hope
June Pearl Purity
July Ruby Love and contentment
August Sardonyx Married bliss
September Sapphire Wisdom or repentance
October Opal Hope
November Topaz Fidelity
December Turquoise Harmony

The choosing of the wedding rings is usually a joint decision and is something the couple does together.