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These are the several characteristics are correlated with happy marriages:

1// Good conflict-resoultion skills: Must have a positive conflict resolution to every conflict, leaving it without a conclusion will make it worse. Always solve a conflict, before it gets worse.

2// Having parents who were also happily married: Married couples are more likely to have a happy long term marriage, if both of their parents were in a long term happy marriage.

3// Relatively equal sharing of tasks and decision making: If wife and husband share the decison making in the house and also share the house chores, this will will keep the marriage more stable.

4// Good communication patterns: having an open communication about everything will keep the marriage in a good shape. Do not fear communication because of disagreement.

5// No premarital births: Bringing children in marriage, not only bring financial conflicts, it put a major stress in the marriage. If both partners are married and both do not have children, the marriage will be more less stressful and more stable.

6// Lack of financial problems: Money problems can hurt a marriage, it makes it more stressful and you are more likely to divorce if both partners are not financially stable. The major cause of divorce if financial problems.

7//Both individuals at least in their 20's at the time of marriage: Younger people under their 20's are more likely to divorce than older people, due to immaturity.

Happy couples are also likely to be skilled at interpreting each other's emotions. Both consider their spouses to be their best friend. Young married couples are indeed happy, perhaps the happiest of any group, since this is their first marriage and both are childless.