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Protestant weddings are by far the easiest weddings to plan and conduct in the United States today. While there are many different Protestant religions in the U.S., they have far fewer guidelines and restrictions on wedding ceremonies than do many other religions.

What's involved with the Protestant ceremony?
During the processional of the wedding, the wedding party, the parents of the bride and groom, and the bride walks down the center aisle of the church. The groom is waiting for his bride at the front of the church. A prayer is said and scripture passages are announced. In Protestant weddings the minister then asks the parents of the bride whether they give their okay for their daughter to marry the groom. Then, vows are read and rings are presented. A unity candle is lit in honor of bringing the two people's lives together as one. Then the benediction is presented by the minister and the couple and wedding party recesses from the ceremony.
In all, the ceremony can be as short as 15 minutes or last as long as the couple would like it to, adding music and readings throughout the ceremony.

What else should you know about Protestant weddings?
They are very easy to follow, and take the form of what Americans view as a "typical" wedding. If you're going to have a Protestant wedding, there is generally a required meeting with the minister of the church, but unlike with Catholic weddings, pre-marital counseling is available but not required. Also unlike in the Catholic church, in Protestant religions, if you should seek a divorce, you do not need to have it annulled in order to remarry.