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Once your big day has ended, you'll want to find a way to preserve your wedding bouquet for posterity. After all, those are the flowers that started your life together with your husband. Here are some ways people most effectively preserve their wedding flowers.

* Florist preservation. Take your bouquet to your florist and have him or her preserve your bouquet. Your florist knows how to preserve your bouquet professionally, and you'll be ensured of having your flowers for a long time to come.
* Pressing the flowers. Take a photograph of your bouquet, and take each flower and insert it between the pages of a large book. Be sure to put sheets of white paper on either side of the flowers, because the ink from the pages will destroy your bouquet. Leave your flowers pressed in the book for at least a month and take them out. Post them on a board in a picture frame. Arrange them to look similar to your original bouquet (use the photograph you took!).
* Dry your flowers. Take a photograph for reference of your bouquet and remove the stems of each flower. Hang the flowers upside down by a clip in a room of your house that you won't mind having flowers drying in for a day or two. When all the moisture is removed from the flowers, spray them with silica gel or shellac as a preservative. Then, you can put your bouquet back in the way it was originally created in order to remember your glorious day for a lifetime.
* Potpourri. Take the petals off your flowers and let them sit out and dry for a couple days. When they're completely dry, get some lace netting and put the flowers in the netting. Tie the ends of the netting together to form a pouch. Put your potpourri pouch in a special place as a special reminder.