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You'll want to carefully consider and select the music that will be used in your wedding and reception. This will help set the tone for your entire ceremony and party that follows. In addition, many couples don't really think a whole lot about what music should be played at their ceremonies, but it truly can turn an otherwise average wedding ceremony into a work of art.

What music do you need to consider for your ceremony?
Outside of "Here Comes the Bride," there normally aren't many tunes people generally associated with weddings. But you can truly make your ceremony a romantic and religious experience by adding singers and musicians. Consider getting some trumpeters for the opening music and play "Trumpet Voluntary," a theme that is used to announce the coming of royalty. Also consider having violinists–or even a string orchestra--perform. They can truly add a nice touch.
If you have some friends who are particularly talented vocalists, ask them to sing a romantic melody. But be sure to keep in mind that your music may come at a price. You need to make sure you don't hire an expensive string orchestra when you're on a budget. You may be able to find some of your friends who have special talents they could use for the ceremony for free or at a minimal expense to you.
There are several points during a wedding ceremony when music is appropriate. You may have music played before the wedding begins. You may even want to write on your invitations that prelude music starts a half-hour before the ceremony. You may also have music performed during the ceremony itself and during the recessional, after the ceremony.

What music do you need to consider for your reception?
The type of music you have played at your reception is completely up to you. Truly, there are no limits. But you want to keep in mind that the music will be there to entertain your guests. You don't want people to be offended by the music. Many couples believe the best idea is to provide a wide mix of music, add a little dance music, a little country, a little rock, and maybe some jazz. Allow there to be something for every musical taste. The reception music that you decide to have played should be something that you and your spouse spend a significant amount of time considering.