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Muslims conduct arranged weddings. They are decided on by the parents of the boy and girl through negotiations. Muslims are allowed to marry whomever they want, but generally a woman is chosen based on her beauty, religion, societal status, and money. The parents of the couple determine the how much the girl is worth, and the wedding will take place over a period of a couple days.
The ceremony itself is quite brilliant. Many colors are used throughout the facility. Henna is placed on the bride and groom's hands. One day at the groom's home, where Henna is put on his hands, and another day at the bride's home, where the same thing is done to her.
The first ceremony is called The Mienu. This is when family and guests arrive completely outfitted in yellow. Some holy scriptures from the Koran are read. It is Muslim tradition for the groom to give his bride a gift referred to as "mahr." This gift can be anything he wants it to be and can be valued at any price he would like. The name of the official ceremony is The Shadi. This is when friends and family sit in a circle with percussion instruments and sing and play music all evening while feasting. The Nikah is performed by a priest, as the official time the bride and groom join together in matrimony. They sign the paperwork in the presence of the priest.
The final event of the last day of the wedding is called the Rokhsati, the time when the bride exits her parent's house to go live her new life with her new husband. That night the marriage is to be consummated, so that the next day the "Walima" can be celebrated. This is the day when the groom's side invites all the guests over to celebrate the consummation of the marriage.