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Many women who get married feel as though they are losing part of their identity by changing their names to match the last name of their husband. Some women feel it's a symbol of their love for their husband to change their name, and they think it's important to do so. But if you're looking to keep your name as close to what it was prior to your wedding, here are some tips.

• Hyphentated last names
There's nothing wrong with changing your last name to Amy Leigh Matthews-Brown. Your husband's name is Matthews and your maiden name is Brown, but a nice combination of the two allows you to have the best of both worlds. You keep your maiden name and change your name to match your husband's all at the same time.
• Maiden middle name.
This is another idea for you. What about making your maiden name your middle name? Or, you could even have two middle names. You could become either Amy Leigh Brown Matthews, or drop your original middle name and simply be known as Amy Brown Matthews.
• Keeping your maiden name.
Many women decide to keep their name the same. They have established themselves as one person, then instantly are concerned about no longer being the person they once were. You would still remain Amy Leigh Brown.
• Taking your husband's name.
The most traditional option is to drop your maiden name completely. This is the way it's been done in the United States for hundreds of years. You'd be known as Amy Leigh Matthews.
• Use both names.
The other option is to use both names. Legally use your husband's name when it comes time for taxes. But still use your maiden name for business purposes. So according to Uncle Sam, you'd be Amy Leigh Matthews, but in your business world you'd still be known as the same Amy Leigh Brown.