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It's inevitable. At one time or another all humans involved with close relationships get into argumentsûeven spouses. The goal is to argue without appearing as if you're arguing. Try to keep things civil. Yes, a good marriage takes work. But if you try to work things out with your spouse, rather than spending all your time arguing, you can do yourself a favor in a long run. Here are some things you can do to argue with your spouse but remain civil.

Listen carefully to what your spouse is saying. When you're arguing, understand carefully what your husband or wife is saying. It's important to look past the yelling and anger and understand what it is your spouse is upset about. ThatÆs the first step.
Be empathetic with your spouse. Once you understand why your spouse is upset, be sympathetic. Then respond by saying how much you understand what your spouse is angry about. A little empathy goes a long way to solving problems.
Never walk away from a fight with your spouse. Sometimes when couples fight, one of the pair feels as if he or she wants to walk away and either leave the room, or even the house. This is the worst thing you can do. Always resolve your conflicts face to face. If you run away, you prolong the agony on both ends. You should always work things out the best you can as soon as possible.
Don't insult your spouse. During an argument, no matter how upset you are, never insult your spouse. Insults hit harder and do more damage than just about anything other part of an argument. Instead of insulting, try to ask your spouse a favor. Turn the would-be insult into a request for him or her to change a bit from time to time.
If you're feeling upset with your partner, ask for a scheduled time to talk about the problem. Don't bring up your concerns at a time that may be bad for the other person. Tell your spouse that youÆre upset with him or her and that youÆd like some time to talk with him or her about it. That generally works best.
Spend plenty of time with your spouse. If you spend enough quality time with your spouse, you can often avoid any unwanted arguments that may arise.