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Conducting an interfaith wedding can be just as rewarding as it is difficult. It's not easy for many interfaith couples to find a church and minister willing to conduct an interfaith service. And it's not easy to plan the service, either.

How can you make your wedding special for both your religions?
You want to incorporate as many of the traditions of both of your religions into the service as possible. You'll want to sit down with the minister you choose and talk with him or her about the two different types of traditions and customs and about how you might be able to merge them into one service that will be fulfilling for both of you.
One concern you may run into is finding a church willing to accept an interfaith service. Many religions and churches may allow you to hold a wedding at your church if you're marrying someone of a different faith, but conducting a service that joins the two faiths is often not permitted. If you find a church willing to help you out, great. If not, don't be afraid to hold your service at a nondenominational chapel, at your home, or at another non-religious location. This will permit you to have a service and use the traditions and customs that you see fit.
One thing you need to be sure to do when you're preparing for your interfaith service is to bring all the props, books, music, etc. The church or location you're having the service may not have the needed materials for both religions.

How do you find a minister?
Finding a minister to conduct an interfaith service is another trick. There are ministers who will do it, but you may have to do some digging. The best piece of advice may be just to ask around. If your minister can't conduct the service, ask him or her if there is a good minister in your area who might be able to do so. You'll want to start early on finding a minister and a location for your wedding, if you're planning on having an interfaith service.