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You'll certainly want to maintain a gift registry at a couple of your favorite stores while you're planning your wedding. Getting gifts is one of the best parts of the wedding for newlyweds. It's your guests way of showing their appreciation for the good time you show them at your wedding and reception and their way of passing along well wishes for a life-long marriage. A gift registry is a list of items the bride and groom picked out that stores keep on hand so guests can choose which item to buy them.

Why should you have a wedding gift registry?
Having a gift registry accomplishes several things. Sure, many of your family members and friends will have no trouble finding the perfect gift for you on their own. But there are quite a few other people who will need the help deciding what is the right gift. That's where the registry comes in. By telling them which stores and which items you want and need, they're better able to pick out gifts that are appropriate for you... and ones they already know will make you happy.
Further, this is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your wedding guests which items you want. You can go pick out the things you need to start your life together, put them on a list, and actually have most of that wish list come true. What a concept!

What are your other options?
If you fall in the minority of people who believe having a gift registry is arrogant, there are other options for your guests. You may just like to be surprised at what your guests bring you. And these are the people who know you best, so surely they'll find nice items.
You can always also ask for cash gifts, but you'll want to do so in a tactful manner. Or, feel free to tell your guests not to bring gifts at all.