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If you and a close friend or family member are wanting to tie the knot at the same time, you might just ask, what about a double wedding? This may save a family a lot of money if it's two sisters wanting to get married at the same time. But you really need to give the thought of a double wedding careful consideration before you agree to it. It's quite a commitment.
Double weddings can be quite nice occasions. They can be just like any other wedding, except that everything is done twice. It's truly a time that you share not only with the person you're marrying but with another of your best friends in life.

Should you have a double wedding?
Here are some things to consider. If you think it may be difficult to plan a wedding between just you and your spouse, consider adding two more people to the mix. All four of you will have to agree on a style of wedding and just about everything involved with the ceremony and reception.
You want to make sure the double wedding would be with someone who you wouldn't get in a fight with at the altar! If you and your sister don't really get along before hand, chances are you don't want to be getting married while she ties the knot to her groom right beside you. A wedding is supposed to be a special time. You need to keep it special. If you think you'll find the least bit of animosity with the other person, perhaps you should each have your separate ceremonies. You want to share a double wedding with someone who means a lot to you and is quite a special person in your life.
Another consideration is how do you make the wedding plans work. You want to have similar gowns, but you don't want them to clash (take it easy on the eyes of your guests and your photographer). You want to both agree on a particular form of ceremony (remember, the older of the two brides always walks down the aisle first, exchanges vows first, and etc.). Also, if you don't think you can agree on the type of music that will be played at your reception, perhaps you need to have separate weddings. You don't want your DJ or band alternating between country, heavy metal, and classical music all evening.

How do you plan a double wedding?
Planning a double wedding takes a lot of skill. You need to find time where all four of you can sit down with your minister and discuss the ins and outs of the ceremony. You need to talk realistically, and be prepared to give a little in these discussions. Remember that your goal here is to all get along and have a nice ceremony with your favorite friend or family member. You don't want every step of the way to be a hassle.