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Most Asian-Americans drop their rooted customs when they get married. That is due in part because of the westernization of most modern weddings. However, those who are closely removed from their native Asian countries still likely have a deeply rooted desire to hold weddings that are symbolic of the culture and traditions they're used to.


Indian ceremonies are generally very colorful, with brightly colored gowns and flowers. While Americans traditionally throw uncooked rice at the end of their ceremonies, Indians puff their rice and throw it on the bride and groom as a symbol of fertility, and the brother of the groom traditionally throws flower pedals on the newlywed couple. After the ceremony, the couple dips their hands in dye and puts their handprints on the outside of their house in an effort to bring them long-lasting luck.


One of the main characteristics of a Chinese wedding is the act of using a red ribbon to tie a glass of wine with a glass of honey. The ribbon symbolizes the bringing of the couple together. Chinese serve meals of rice and various fine foods at a wedding dinner. One eats such delicacies as shark fin soup, quail, jellyfish, whole chicken and fish for the symoblism of wealth, fertility and prosperity. There is typically either rice or noodles as one of the many dishes served in a 10-12 course meal. Usually there is also a sweet soup made of red-beans and a plate of sesame cookies.


If you thought it was difficult picking out one wedding gown in an American wedding, get ahold of this. Japanese wedding tradition calls for the bride to actually change gowns several times during the wedding, while the groom typically wears a simple black kimono. If you're a guest at a Japanese wedding, you often get quite a deal. It is tradition for the families of the bride and groom not only to serve food to and entertain guests, but also give them gifts that are often quite valuable.


Being a guest in a Russian wedding truly pays. While in American weddings, guests bring gifts to the new bride and groom, in Russian wedding the tradition is quite the opposite. The families of the newlyweds provide small gifts to each guest to express sincere gratitude in honoring the new couple.