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The maid of honor traditionally takes on the bulk of the duties. However sharing the duties between the bridesmaids is becoming more popular.
Your bridesmaids should be your confidantes throughout the day and preparations. The main duties include:

„h Help with the brides dress before and after the ceremony
„h Leave the mother and giver-away with the bride for a few moments before leaving in a separate car to the bride.
„h Look after the wedding clothes.
„h Carry a comb and a small make-up bag for the bride.
„h Ensure the bride looks her best throughout the day.
„h (For older bridesmaids only) offer drinks to the guests at the reception.
„h Offer slices of cake to the guests at the reception.
„h Wear dresses and headdresses all day and into the evening.
„h Arrange the bride¡¦s veil and train just before her entrance to the church.
„h Take charge of the bride¡¦s bouquets when needed.

Generally the bridesmaids are there for the bride and should help her in any way during the day. They are there to instil calm and to ensure that the bride looks her best.