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Before choosing a hairstyle for your big day there are many things to consider:

The length of your hair
Where the wedding dress falls
How you usually have your hair
Is a hairstylist going to do it for you?
The style of the dress

The length of your hair
It goes without saying that a cropped style cannot accommodate a tall bun or an elaborate style. If your hair is only just long enough to put it up you may find that by the end of the day it will look messy and falling down.

Where the wedding dress falls
If your dress has an open back, showing off this feature to its best would mean having your hair off your back somehow, perhaps high on the top of your head. If your hair is short, you have no problems.

How you usually have your hair
If you have long hair but rarely ever have it loose around your face it is unlikely that you will be comfortable having your hair down on your wedding day. Think about how you normally have it, after all on your big day you still want to look yourself ¡V only better!

Is a hairstylist doing it for you?
On the morning of your wedding day you will be very busy, quite stressed and probably a little nervous so leaving your own hairstyle to you may not be a good idea. However if you have short hair and are just going to wear a flower from your bouquet it will be easy to do yourself. If you don¡¦t want to have a hairdresser on the day, you¡¦ll have to think of an easy style you could do yourself.

The style of the dress
If you are wearing a modern dress having a tight head-mistress-style bun won¡¦t do you justice. It¡¦s the same if you wore a very low-key dress and them had many arrangements, clips and flowers in your hair ¡V it won¡¦t look right, nor will the whole outfit come together.

Hairstyles for short hair
If you have at least three inches on the top of your head you can easily try these styles:
„h Keep it simple by just back-combing the crown and tucking our hair behind your ears to fully show off your tiara and veil.
„h Scrunch dry your hair to make it fuller and pin a single flower from your bouquet behind your ear.
„h Wear a circlet of flowers underneath your normal hairstyle for an easy to do and wear style.
„h Accessorise using colourful clips, combs and tiaras to match your colours.

Hairstyles for mid-length hair
„h Have a loose bun and wisps of hair to frame your face for a nice feminine look. You could place a small crown-like tiara on the top of your head.
„h You don¡¦t have to wear a tiara, veil or flowers; you could be your natural self!
„h Curl your hair into tight ringlets for a romantic look then use your tiara and veil to show it off fully.

Hairstyles for Long hair
„h Ask your hairdresser to try a high French pleat. These look very sophisticated and your hair is completely off your face so every one can see you. You could decorate with a single flower or elaborate hair clip.
„h If your hair is smooth and shiny, have it loose and natural. You may need to use a little hairspray to keep it under control if it¡¦s windy. This will show off the condition of your hair so make sure it looks fantastic.
„h Tie it back in a loose bun at the nape of your neck and decorate with a diamante clip or slide.