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These are just a way to liven things up a bit for your up-coming bridal shower and give some extra jazz for your guests. Even the most engaging party games can encounter some initial resistance from the part-pooper or two. If you offer prizes for the winners of these games, though, even the biggest cynics may join the fun.

“Here comes the Bride”
Get the ladies together and use tissue paper, toilet paper, wrapping paper, whatever it takes to construct your own wedding gowns in fun. Tape the papers in pleasing or outrageous ways on your “model” (can also be great fun dressing up the little kids and get them involved in the fun) and then hold a contest for the best design.

“Bride’s Chatter”
Assign someone to keep a record of the bride’s comments (without her knowing) while she’s opening her gifts. After she’s through, read the comments back to the group. Taken out of context, the remarks are sometimes hilarious.

“Bride’s Bingo”
This game can be bought at most stationary and card stores. Bride’s Bingo is the same concept as regular bingo, only words associated with weddings replace those boring numbers.

“Famous Couple Trivia”
Trivia is all the rage these days, so why not incorporate this in your shower? The only limit is your own imagination. Set a time limit for answers and give prizes to the winners. One question might be "What famous singing couple of the 70’s had their own television show? (Hint: I’ve got you Babe.”)
(Sonny and Cher)