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The item of bridal wear that always gets the most attention is the wedding gown, of course. And rightfully so. It's a prime item in any wedding. But there are many accessories a bride needs to fit the role and play the part. You don't have to have these items, but many brides believe it adds to the style of her look and her appearance on her important day.

* Gloves This is an item you'll want to try to rent if you can. This is not an item you'll ever wear again, and quite frankly, they are rarely worth altering to fit your future daughter or sister, when it comes time for them to get married. You'll want gloves that match your gown. Bridal gloves come in varying lengths, also. You'll want your gloves to fit tightly, but they need to be easy to remove when it's time to exchange rings.

* Veil Some religions actually require that the bride's face be covered at some point during the ceremony. You'll want to check with your chaplain about that, and find out what kinds of rules there are for the veil. The veil is a traditional part of the wedding ensemble. It's meant to fend off evil spirits for the bride before she's presented to her groom. The groom traditionally lifts the veil to verify that he's marrying the right woman, just before they are pronounced husband and wife.

* Jewelry This is an item that is sometimes borrowed from your family, perhaps an heirloom that has been passed down when previous women in your ancestry have tied the knot. If not, you'll want to find the jewelry that is right for your wedding day. You can rent jewelry, too. But before you go and buy or rent that special piece, find a way to ask your groom if he'll be buying you any wedding gift. Jewelry always makes a nice gift.

* Handbag You won't be carrying this down the aisle with you. But you'll need a small bag in which to put your lipstick and tissues before the wedding. This also makes a nice accessory for when you're leaving the church to go to the reception.

* Shoes Traditional wedding shoes are silk or satin. And they're made to specifically match the color of your gown. You'll want to either buy your shoes at the same place you're getting your gown, or have them dyed to specifically match the color.

* Under garments Buy hose that are a champagne or nude color. Don't buy white, because they generally don't look right. You'll want to buy undergarments that can be worn with your wedding gown. This may require a push-up or strapless bra and new panties. Depending on the type of gown you'll be wearing, you may also need to buy a slip or corset.