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You may be single and retired, but you don't have to retire from everything! Dating at retirement age can be the best dating of your life. You can use your money as you wish, visit places you were not able to before, and take advantage of air fare wars and off-season hotel bargains. You can stay up late and sleep in. And there's no age limit on having sex. If the parts still work, use them! Many women even feel sexy after menopause because they don't have to worry about birth control. But, be forewarned, safe sex should be practiced at any age.

A Brave New World

Society has lightened up. Women can and should take the initiative as much as men. Gents, this is the time to shed tradition. If she approaches and you like her, don't play hard to get. Gals, don't be afraid to call him on the phone, strike up a chat at a bar, or even invite him out.

Puttin' on the Ritz

Where to meet someone? Anywhere! Just go somewhere. He or she could be walking in the park, waiting to catch an elevator, riding public transportation, or at senior social events. Let your friends know you're looking. Forget that bad blind date experience you had as a teenager. Give it another chance. Go to that party you really didn't want to. Sit or stand alone because you'll be more approachable.

Two of a Kind

If you're interested in a certain type, hang out where that type is likely to be. Join clubs that match your interests. Don't overlook your church, the supermarket, or the laundromat. But wherever you go, send out vibes. Let them know you're happy, open, and available.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Worried about your looks? Don't be. Face your fears and overcome them. Stay fit and appreciate who you are. Afraid of sex? Wait until you're ready. Share your fears. You may not be alone.

Leave the Children at Home

The "kids" may be uncomfortable with you dating "at your age." It's a generational role reversal (remember how you felt when they started dating). They're just afraid of losing your attention. Talk to them and reassure them. Negativity about your dating is more a reflection of their own lives than a response to yours. Let them know you're pleased they're concerned and you'll make sure your date treats you well.

Old friends might also have concerns, particularly other widowers. Encourage them to date. Double-dating is fun at any age. Allowing your married chums to meet your date might ease their minds.

Don't be Too Set in Your Ways

Dating (just as marriage) is a compromise; what movie to see, what restaurant to go to. Overcome having a fixed bedtime or feeling anxious about traveling. Be flexible, open to suggestions. You'll meet more people. You can do it without abandoning your priorities.

Dating success depends on your attitude toward aging. If you don't adjust well, you'll be fearful of many things. If you do, you'll enjoy life and maybe even find a new love.