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Paying for the services included at a continuing care retirement center are not cheap by anyone's standards. We're talking about a place that will be taking care of your loved one for the rest of his or her life. They'll watch your relative when he's healthy. And when he's sick, they'll get medical treatment for him.

How much do they cost?
This depends on what type of place your relative will be staying at. The higher fees will be paid at the extravagant retirement centers–or when a center is responsible or a high-level of one-on-one care with your relative. The lower fees will be paid for services that aren't nearly as complex.

How can you pay for it?
There are several types of payment plans you'll typically see at a continuing care retirement center. You should decide which types of services your loved one requires and decide which plan is best for you.
• Pay as you go–With this plan, you'll sign a contract, but won't pay any sort of initial entrance fee. The entrance fee is typically a large lump sum of money. Instead, you'll pay for the service on a monthly basis. This fee is usually higher than you'd pay for more lengthy plans, but you aren't agreeing to the service for any particular length of time.
• Fee for service–With this plan, you'll save money compared to the pay as you go plan, because with this plan, you don't pay for any services you don't need. You'll pay a low entrance fee and a low monthly fee. Outside of that, you only pay for the services you use. If you require medical help, you'll pay for that help on a daily–not monthly–basis.
• Modified–This plan covers a fairly wide array of services in the continuing care center. You pay a certain amount for monthly services. But if you need services that aren't covered in this plan, you'll be billed additionally.
• Extensive–This plan covers just about any service you'll ever need at the continuing care center. You'll pay an entrance fee and a set fee for just about every service you'll ever need. People who use this plan know exactly how much they'll be charged each month. There won't be any surprises.