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Many people get married later in life. These weddings happen for a variety of reasons. You've been widowed, divorced, or just didn't find the right person until your later years. Regardless how it happened, how do you make your wedding a special time?

How much can you expect to pay for your wedding?
This is the first thing you need to talk about. If you're getting married at a young age, you want your wedding to be perfect and that comes at a price. But many older couples believe that keeping their wealth is more important than having an amazing wedding ceremony and reception. But this is something you need to talk about early on in the process. You may want to spend less on the ceremony and more on a very nice honeymoon.

How do you organize the ceremony?
If your parents are alive and in good health, you can ask your father to walk you down the aisle–especially if this is your first marriage. If you've been married before, however, you may want to give the honor of walking you down the aisle to one of your children. It could be either your son or daughter. And, remember there's nothing wrong with walking down the aisle alone.
Include your children in the wedding plan process. Your children might feel strange about your marriage, so including them may help calm their fears a bit. Have your daughters help pick out a dress, work on the wedding invitations, and decorating the reception area. You may want to ask your sons to ride with you when running wedding-type errands.

Where will you live after the wedding?
This is something you need to thoroughly discuss with your new spouse. If you are considering inviting your new spouse to move in with you, or vice versa, consider that closely before actually carrying it through. Your home has a lot of memories. It may even be the place your children grew up. Having your new husband living with you there may cause problems within your family, if your children have a problem with it.