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Living in a nursing home is an important decision for a family to make for a loved one. It requires careful consideration. You, of course, need to research all your options before making a decision about which nursing home to hire. Here are some of the different types of care most long-term nursing homes provide.

• Skilled Nursing Facilities. These are also known as SNFs. They offer nonstop nurse services seven days a week, 24-hours a day. The staffs include registered nurses, nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses. The treatment and care they provide is always completely based on what your doctor prescribes. Some facilities do include in this service occupational , physical, and restorative therapies. You usually can only be admitted into one of these types of nursing home services on the advice of a doctor.
• Intermediate Care Facilities. These are also known as ICFs. They are less expensive than the SNFs and don't offer nearly as extensive of service as the SNFs. ICFs provide some medical and rehabilitative services, but these are usually limited to certain hours during the day and nurses have many more patients to work with. ICFs, of course, also offer room and board to people who aren't able to live on their own. You must have a doctor's order to live in one of these facilities, as well.
• Group Housing. Many people who think they need nursing home care, do not really. Group housing programs are available in many areas to help your loved ones. They could live on their own, cook for themselves, take care of themselves, but they would be able to live in an area where others their age are living. This is often used in an effort to delay the need for nursing home care.