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World Breastfeeding Week is the annual celebration of lactation. It is held during the first week of August, from the first to the seventh. Around the world, breastfeeding advocates hold celebrations, demonstrations, conferences and shows. Their efforts are to help generate public awareness and support of breastfeeding. This annual celebration started eight years ago.

In 1992, a group called the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, or the WABA, coordinated the first worldwide celebration of breastfeeding. The WABA is a global network of organizations and individuals, who believe that breastfeeding is the right of all children and mothers. These people dedicate themselves to protect and support this right. The goal of the WABA is to re-establish a global breastfeeding culture. They want to educate and activate social, political, economic and cultural support for breastfeeding everywhere.

The annual World Breastfeeding Week is to promote the knowledge that breastfeeding is best for mom, baby and the Earth. It is to help make people understand just how powerful of an influence giant corporations that manufacture formula have over consumers.

Each year, during World Breastfeeding Week, the WABA develops a theme to help unite lactating women. The activities and celebrations are based on that theme. For instance, the theme for World Breastfeeding Week 2000 is on breastfeeding as a human right. Some objectives for 2000: to establish protection against discrimination for nursing women, to provide better support and information for lactating women, to offer adequate maternity leave and to provide more flexible work options.

As the years go by, it is the hope of the WABA that breastfeeding becomes the norm in society and not the exception and that it is accepted more throughout the world.