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Are you expecting or have you just had a new baby?? Here are some creative ways to announce your baby's arrival to the world.

- Take a photo of the new baby and turn it into a postcard with all the vital statistics printed on the back.

-- Take baby's hand or footprints and stamp unto a piece of stationery. Write all the vitals along the side.

- Send (or deliver) mini-muffins or cookies with the baby's name and birth date written in icing.

- Hand out chocolate cigars (blue or pink) with the baby's name, etc.

- Take a picture of baby in a cute onesie. On the onesie, use a paint pen to write all the baby's vital information. Mail to friends.

- Make refrigerator magnets by gluing a photo onto a magnet, with all the vital information.

- Take the front page of the newspaper for the day that the baby was born and change the headline to " BABY GIRL BORN TODAY TO >>>"

-- Send or deliver blue or pink carnations with a tag listing all the information about baby.

-- Use a paint pen to write the baby's information on a cloth diaper and mail to friends.

-- Create a Web site for baby and send announcements via e-mail.